In order to make informed decisions, employers require credible data.

Starboard’s proprietary reports provide human resources professionals with the tools and information necessary to evaluate and administer international employee benefits plans.


Benefit Plan Recommendation Report - including consultation

Objective:  To provide specific statutory and competitive non-statutory plan levels.

Project includes:

  • Plan design details
  • Typical market practice
  • Financing methods
  • Social Security and mandatory requirements
  • Statutory leaves, public holidays and vacation



Objective:  Secure local quotes.

Project includes:

  • Collect and distribute census data to the local broker
  • Engage local broker services
  • Provide plan specifications
  • Compile aggregate quote results and prepare a summary of plans and costs
  • Discuss quotes, answer questions and provide recommendation



Objective:  Implement client approved benefit plans.

Project includes:

  • Coordinate with and authorize local broker to implement cover
  • Review insurance contract documentation for accuracy
  • Review billing for accuracy and communicate payment requirements
  • Review and approve all employee communication materials
  • Ensure the completion of all enrollment requirements
  • Provide plan highlights sheet


Ongoing Plan Management

Objective:  Provide ongoing collaborative support and management of local benefit programs.

Project includes:

  • Plan renewal management and analysis
  • Manage resolution of escalated local issues
  • Monitor local regulatory changes


Optional – Plan Administration Services

  • Benefits enrollment and termination notification administration.
  • Billing reconciliation resolution.Recommendations and referrals for non-insurance benefits, e.g., meal, grocery and transportation vouchers.  Pre-tax, salary sacrifice, childcare and incentive plans such as bike to work credits.
  • Voluntary, insurance and retirement benefits.


Gap Analysis and Compliance Report

Objective:  Analyze current practice against benchmark to identify necessary changes to achieve future objectives and determine if client is in local regulatory compliance.

We benchmark against competitive practice or agreed standard, (e.g. 50th percentile).

Project includes:

  • Data gathering; inventory of local benefits, policies, descriptions and demographic analysis
  • Statutory funding requirements vs. actual
  • Statutory leaves vs. actual
  • Identify emerging trends or pending legislative changes
  • Graphic Deviation Summary (Heat Map)


Merger and Acquisition – Employee Benefits Due Diligence Report

Objective:  Risk assessment.

Project includes:

  • Compliance and Gap Analysis with varying levels of depth
  • Pre or post acquisition
  • Identify potential risks and unfunded liabilities


Multinational Pooling Analysis

Objective:  Determine the benefits and potential financial advantages.

Project includes:

  • Review any existing pool arrangements
  • Determine the existence of any natural pools
  • Conduct geo-mapping of current locations and expansion plans


Business Mobility Programs

Objective:  To assess the risks, benefits and solutions associated with a mobile workforce.

Project includes:

  • Expatriate and Third Country National plans
  • Business Travel Medical and Accident plans


Additional Resources

  • International wellness programs
  • International payroll services
  • International PEO options
  • Local entity establishment
  • Legislative and compliance requirements
  • Accounting and legal
  • Actuarial services